CEO @ LogSentinel
Bozhidar Bozhanov
CEO @ LogSentinel
The speaker

Bozhidar is a software engineer and architect with fifteen years of experience and he is the founder of LogSentinel - an IT security and data protection company. An expert and former e-Government advisor, he co-authored several bills and strategic documents. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences on various topics related to programming, IT security, e-Government, open data. Bozhidar is the author of a popular technical blog, as well as the creator of an algorithm for composing music. He is a former contestant in Mathematical linguistics and is currently a member of the jury of the International Linguistics Olympiad.

The talk
Digital Pearl Harbor and why information security is so important

We will examine why the level of information security is so important not only for specific organizations but for the development of our digital society as a whole. Is there a digital “Pearl Harbor” and will it take a catastrophic event with physical damages to realize that we are building the digital future on unstable foundations. The presentation will also contain technical specifics about the components we can improve in the systems we create and use.