DevOps @ Inflowmatix Limited
Nikolay Tsvetinov
DevOps @ Inflowmatix Limited
The speaker

Nikolay Tsvetinov has been a professional programmer for almost fifteen years. He has been engaged in various topics: SPA apps, functional programming, Lambda related topics, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Elixir, and lately he has been immersed in type systems. He contributes to the Elixir course at Sofia University’s Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics and he is a member of the Bulgarian Elixir community. A musician and a poet. Known as Meddle by those who have worked with him.

The talk
Floating through the clouds

From the basement filled with servers and switches we somehow rose into the clouds. And we float amidst them, and we scale and design… We as programmers, theoreticians and mathematicians had to learn how to fly and evolve into the mythical creature “DevOps”- someone who floats in the clouds and fixes various cloud issues while companies spend crazy amounts of money on Amazon, for example. I want to talk about AWS and the utility of such services, like Azure and Google Cloud. I want to talk about the path a programmer takes to become a DevOps (as there is no other starting point) and which one is more difficult. Truth is, manual server maintenance can be challenging if the system is gigantic. But there is no silver bullet and sometimes cloud services are not suitable. All in all, this talk will be about my personal floating in the clouds as that is all I have been doing lately (apart from staring at the wall in the meantime).