Associate Professor @ Sofia University
Atanas Semerdzhiev
Associate Professor @ Sofia University
The speaker

Atanas started programming while he was still in school. It was an era of software development post-impressionism and many developers, guided by the words of the great Van Gogh (“no blue without yellow”), coded their programs in the interface of Borland’s remarkable products. He started teaching while he was a student at Sofia University’s Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. He continues to do so to the present day, with varying success, but always with passion. His presentation at our conference will concern contemporary education.

The talk
Why do we actually study?

We live in a time where access to facts and information is becoming easier and faster. Sometimes people are getting the feeling that the time they spend studying is “lost” because everything they will ever need is just a few clicks away. Is this really the case? Or is it not that simple and people are actually required to invest more time in their preparation in order to operate efficiently and effectively in the new world?