Co-COO & Chief Technology Officer @ Astea Solutions
Trifon Trifonov
Co-COO & Chief Technology Officer @ Astea Solutions
The speaker

Trifon is the co-founder and CTO of Astea Solutions. Trifon has eighteen years of professional experience as a Technical Lead, Project Manager, and Software Engineer using a broad range of technologies to create complete turnkey, multi-platform, software solutions involving desktop, web, and mobile platforms. With his extensive scientific background, Trifon has expertise in the analysis and resolution of complex algorithmic, architectural, and technological problems, including image and video processing, cross-platform integration, performance analysis, and infrastructure optimization.

Trifon holds a PhD in Mathematics from Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich) and an MSc in Mathematics from Sofia University's Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, where he also teaches as an Associate Professor.

Trifon, together with his colleague Kalin Georgiev, will talk about the “Spirit of Agile”. Both Trifon and Kalin believe in the importance of adaptive planning, process optimization, and continual improvement.

The talk
Are you flexible or are you Agile?
Thirty years ago, the concept of Agile software development was revolutionary. Today it is so widespread that it is almost considered an industry standard. Immersed in processes, frameworks, and methodologies we sometimes tend to forget what it really means to be Agile. We will explore an approach for establishing the “Spirit of Agile” as a core value even in a strict environment with seemingly inflexible constraints on the process, time, and budget, and hopefully make the experience and collaboration of teams and clients more successful and enjoyable.